How do I join a Zoom call?

If you're new to participating in a Zoom Call, please follow these instructions: 

At the time of the call, click the link to Join The Meeting. 

If you have never used Zoom before and you're on a PC, you'll receive a link to open zoom_launcher.exe whereas if you're on a Mac it will be a zoomusInstaller.pkg instead. Please click on "Save".

If the programme doesn’t open automatically click on the "Download" button or "Download & run Zoom" once again depending on PC or Mac, and install zoom on your computer.

Type in your name, so we see who you are.

Turn on your webcam.

Mute your microphone (so we don’t have too much background noise).

You'll receive a field with the name: ‘waiting for host’.

To test your microphone or webcam click on ‘check’.

Now simply wait for me (if the call hasn't started already)

If you experience any difficulty and require support, please contact us.

* If you'd like to join the call with a mobile device, or simply would like more detailed information about Zoom calls, please look here:

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