How do I update my ClickBank payment information?

We use Clickbank as our payment processor for our Academy products, including member subscriptions, programmes and courses.

To update your billing information, please follow these steps.

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the order number in the Order Lookup box.
  3. Enter one of the verification indicators listed on the Order Lookup box.
  4. Click the Submit button
  5. On the Order Detail page, click the "Edit" button next to your current payment method.You will be directed to the "Update Your Subscription Payment Information" page.
  6. You can enter your new credit card information where your subscription will be billed to. When done, click the "Update"  button at the bottom of the form.

Payments can also be made via PayPal through our Clickbank facility.



Please note, if you choose PayPal as a payment option for a recurring subscription, you cannot then switch to credit card via Clickbank after PayPal has been selected. You can however add your credit card to your PayPal account and request that PayPal takes the payment from the new card.

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