Why do I get a login screen when I click on the dashboard of the Academy?

The Academy is a single-sign-on service for all the online learning material we offer in Virtual Miss Friday. 

Free Information

You can join our webinars for free, and Facebook group. We also offer periodic free training events, which we notify all Academy members of in advance.

Paid Information

Anywhere you see the line "Or Upgrade For Access" this indicates that it is one of the paid Programmes or Courses.

If you have purchased access, you can click the Access button and this will take you directly to the dashboard of the Programme or course.

If you have not purchased, it will take you back to the login screen, indicating you don't have access.

If you have already upgraded and don't have access, please contact us either through the help button, or via this support site, stating the name of the programme or course and we'll be happy to help.

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