How do I delegate tasks?

If you're new to working with VMF or delegating tasks online, there are 3 ways to delegate effectively, quickly and easily to the VMF Team so you can get your tasks and projects back right – first time, every time.

#1 Video Screen Capture – Visual Delegation

Head over to and download Jing. Jing is a FREE application that you download onto your MAC or PC, which will allow you to take really short screen capture video’s like this one:

You can then write down the lists of tasks you have for us, open up Jing and create FREE short video tutorials that visually explain what you would like done. This is great when you need to delegate any creative work, or website updates. They can be up to 5 minutes long, and when finished, you simply upload them directly to Screencast and send us the link to the video.

For longer video screencasts I recommend Screenflow and you can drop the videos you make into a folder in Dropbox, Google Drive or your chosen file sharing system, and then share the link with us.

Please remember to share the link with us, you could do this one of 3 ways.

  1. Our Support Desk:
  2. Send an email to: 
  3. Post a comment on a corresponding discussion in your client area.

#2 MP3 – Audio Delegation

MP3 is fantastic for delegating your daily administrative tasks, just use the same principle as the screen capture and make a list of tasks that you would like us to do. This works great at the end of the work day, as you can simply make your list, and then send it over to us.

It’s important to always start your audios off with a date and time for reference. Once you have reeled off all of the tasks you would like us to do, simply send us the audio as you would a video link from the previous instruction.

This is a really simple yet effective way to delegate.


#3 Templates – Written Delegation

If you would like to delegate via text, then you can still make this just as productive by using a delegation template.

Simply send us your instructions as you would a video/audio link from the previous instruction.

This is a standard general suggested layout which you can use to delegate a task or project to our team, as you can simply fill in the gaps each time you would like to make a new request – just like this one:

Try to apply a reference to the tasks – especially if you have a lot of tasks to complete.

Task Summary:
This will be a short description for the task you are assigning.

Low / High / Normal

Start Date:
When you would like the task started by.

Due Date:
When you would like the task completed by.

Full Description:
A description of what you would like us to do.

Applicable Links:
Add any applicable links relevant to your request, such as websites or email addresses.

Require Notification:
Yes / No – Tell us whether you require notification when the task has been completed.

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