I have a question for Michelle, what do I do?

Hi There!

You're here right now because you have a question for me, or you'd like to speak to me about something. Your request is very important to me, and I'd love to help you.

Due to the volume of emails and messages on social media I receive daily, I've put together this guide on how you can get an answer as efficiently as possible.

* If your question is related to sales, or the purchase of a product from the Shop, or a Programme or Course, please contact support for further assistance, for everything else, let me walk you through your options below :-)



You can try searching my blog, at http://www.virtualmissfriday.com/michelle I often create posts as answers to the questions I receive from both clients and virtual assistants, and it could be I've answered your question before through a post :-)



I have a YouTube Channel which has a whole host of information relating to so many of the questions I've received from my followers.

Simply go to my YouTube Channel and click on the Search Icon near the centre of the screen, and type in your question, or simply browse through the videos.



You can join my virtual assistant network on Linkedin or my Facebook Group called, "VA Academy" where we have a wonderful community of very helpful, likeminded people who we're sure would help you with your question(s) too. Click the link below to join the Facebook Group:


Or this one to join the Linkedin Group:


Please note, you won't always get a personal response from me within this group. I try to work through as many questions as possible, as often as I can, but please understand I can't always answer everybody's question, there are only so many hours in a day ;-)



You can join my Academy Basics for free (if you're not already a member) where usually each month we host 'live' webinars. These 'live' classes are free to attend, and there is a Q and A session at the end where I work through as many questions related to the class topic as possible during the time on the webinar.



I give the utmost priority to the questions received from the members of Academy PRO.


Members have the opportunity to join me live once a month for a Q and A session where I answer everybody's questions. This is the only place where you can speak to me live regularly and you're guaranteed to get a personal response ;-)

Because this is inside our paid members area (and the fee is nominal for everything you receive in addition to the call!), it makes the size of the group and volume of questions far more manageable, and I'm able to give you the kind of attention you really deserve.

I sincerely hope this helps!


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