Interview policies with Michelle Dale.

I would like to thank you for your interest in interviewing me and whilst I would love to be able to respond to all interview requests, my time is limited and thus I would like to ensure that you and / or your business are a good fit before moving forward. Interview requests may be rejected for many reasons and even due to lack of availability - so please don’t take any rejection personally ;-)

Before I can commit to an interview, I need to know the following:

  • Who are you?
  • Please share some background information about your business.
  • Who’s your audience?
  • Why would you like to interview me?

Once I have received this information, we’ll decide if it’s a good fit, and if we’re also well positioned to move forward, my PA will then coordinate scheduling details with you.  

After we’ve completed the interview and it goes ‘live’, please share the link with my PA straightaway, and she will know how to proceed from there.

Just for your information, I’m generally in the Eastern European time zone (Egypt Time), and carrying out ‘live’ interviews during daylight hours is preferred.

I’m open to:

  • Doing audios, videos and written interviews - please indicate the desired format in advance.
  • Doing ‘live’ (virtual) Q & A sessions, provided they’re compatible with my time zone and schedule.
  • Sending at least one tweet on @Miss_Friday
  • Providing a Facebook post to the interview or ‘live’ event.
  • Adding the interview to my “As Seen in Pinterest” board:

I generally won’t:

  • Send solo emails to my mailing list.
  • Create content or presentations for 3rd parties.
  • Create special products for 3rd parties.
  • Provide details of mailing list sizes or audience sizes  - however feel free to check my public Twitter following, Facebook fans, etc.
  • Promote products, courses, software, services, or programmes that I have no personal experience with.
  • Sign any legal contracts relating to me sending emails, posting social media updates (or anything else).

Unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Suggested Interview Topics:

  • My Business Model 1nSourcing™ for Digital Entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurship & Mindset
  • Digital Nomads / Location Independents / Travelling with Family.
  • Online Business Consulting and Virtual Assistance. 
  • Practicalities of Remote Working and International Team Building.
  • Internet Business Operations.

If you would like a bio and photo, feel free to use the information on this link.


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