How many hours do I receive in a 1nSourcing package?

Our 1nSourcing packages are very generally based on hours, however we have different rates for certain services, which you can see here in the FAQs at the bottom of the page where we note supplemental rates.

Essentially, we have a budget to work with, depending on the 1nSourcing package being engaged, and we utilise the hours within in one way or another to best benefit the client's organisation. This also is highly variable during launch times, when digital products are being developed, significant website updates are taking place, or accelerations in social media activity are occurring and so on.

But, during these variables we use careful planning, team and budget allocation to still bring everything in at a fixed price based on the month-to-month demands of the business. This is one of the factors built in that makes 1nSourcing unique, whilst other benefits include guaranteed cover, availability of multiple skill-sets, team managers and very high standards. 

Pricing, sourcing the right people and monitoring hours for all these skill sets, from admin assistants to team managers, tasks, roles and abilities etc... would be long drawn out and tedious for an inexperienced operations manager or unfamiliar business owner to do themselves in the most effective and efficient way possible. So 1nSourcing is the simple solution - we select the right package for you, and proceed.

At any given time, there may be more than 10 in-house members of staff working on one client's account, so careful attention to 'time on tasks' and continual oversight is required, which allows us to ensure we stay very close to budget, ongoing.

It's extremely rare that we would need to go into the supplemental rates unless a significant project or development needed to be engaged in short order, and we would always provide adequate notice for you to approve any supplement or discuss alternatives.

It's important to note that 1nSourcing is a fully comprehensive and dedicated operations management service, so it can't really be compared to hiring individual virtual assistants for specific tasks on hourly in the same way, as the level of support provided and the dynamic to coordinate the entire operation is quite a bit different.

The package fees are entirely relative in relation to the profitability of the online business, and as the online business scales, becoming increasingly profitable, the percentage of total revenue paid towards online business support goes down dramatically. Meaning, an online business that generates £5000 per month, and pays £2950 may consider 1nSourcing an excellent value, but at the same time a bit pricy, whereas a far larger business that generates over £100,000 in a month, will find £6-11k per month for 1nSouring support an incredible value. 

To determine a ball-park number of hours in a 1nSourcing package, all that's necessary to do is divide our supplementary rates into the 1nSourcing package price - so on our starting package, assuming all hours are used in admin / marketing services, it would be £2950 / £32 = approximately 92 hours. When creative / technical / product launch services are incorporated too, with the rate for these services being £45 per hour, the overall hourly total would be a bit lower, but it's important to keep in mind that it's a dynamic situation, where time is being utilised when & where it's needed, to meet the current business requirements and client aims, so within reason whatever it is we make it happen, and we do it for a fixed rate (unless there are very exceptional circumstances). It also includes a number of other expenses and operations management costs factored in that would normally be charged for in addition to the hourly rate.

The best way forward is to get on a free call, so you can ask any questions you have, and with Michelle then having further information about your current situation, aspirations, etc. she'll be well positioned to advise on how best to proceed, and whether 1nSourcing is really a good fit for you (it may or may not be), so definitely go here to share what you can and if it appears that we can assist you, Michelle's personal assistant will schedule a mutually agreeable time for you two to have a chat soon ;-)

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