Your Online Office - Tasks, Projects, Collaboration & Client Management.

Active Collab - it's the most important part of your client facilities, and it's the online area where we'll be working together on your tasks, assignments and / or projects.

You can download the mobile app here.

In order to stay ultra-organised and on top of your work, we'll be primarily collaborating with you in our online "office" which is a robust project management space called "Active Collab". This will allow you to discuss projects with Michelle and the team, and review a history of the work we've done for you. A very high level of care and attention goes into every aspect of our service to you. We recommend watching the video tutorial above to familiarise yourself with this area.

Please note, we may need to tailor the way we work with you in this area depending on the type of services we're providing. If for any reason you're experiencing any difficulty with your office area, please let Michelle know immediately so we can discuss how we could make our collaboration together more productive.

The office requires a unique login, so please follow the instructions below to create your account.

1 - You will be sent an invitation by email to join Active Collab. The email has the subject line, "You've been invited to Active Collab" - open the email and click on "Click Here To Get Started". If you've not received this email, please contact us for support.

2 - You'll go to a page that looks like this:


  • Enter Your First Name
  • Enter Your Last Name
  • Choose A Password
  • Retype The Password
  • Click Proceed

3 - Click on "Virtual Miss Friday" on the dashboard.

4 - On the dashboard you'll see your Client Area, it will say "CLIENT / Your Name" click on this and you'll be inside your client area.

5 - We love to see who we're working with, so if you have a moment please go to the bottom left of the screen and click on your name, upload a profile photo and complete the localisation information.


For best results please use the Firefox browser or Google Chrome to access your client area.

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