I've referred someone to 1nSourcing with my affiliate link, but didn't receive a commission in my ClickBank account.

There are a number of reasons why you may not receive commission from a referral, for instance:

1. The person simply chose not to click on your affiliate link.

2. The person chose to click through on your link, and then not make a purchase intentionally (some people don't like to buy through affiliate links).

3. The person waited, and used a different browser or device to make their purchase, so when they made their purchase, the tracking wasn't applied. 

4. They may have a browser that automatically clears their cache upon closing, and when purchasing later, the tracking wasn't applied.

5. They may have purchased through someone else's affiliate link, to receive their purchase incentive (as is their prerogative).

6. Your link isn't set up correctly. (Have you actually tested it, to ensure it's working? ClickBank provides guidance with this, please see the links below.)

7. You altered your affiliate link in a way which doesn't allow proper tracking of sales. ClickBank provides a great deal of advice on what you should, and should not do - again, see the links below.

The above are just some of the possible reasons why you haven't received an affiliate commission in ClickBank, and you can find out more about how to ensure your sales are tracked properly here:


You can find out more about how ClickBank manages everything associated with our affiliate programme, and pays you, here:


* Please note that Virtual Miss Friday is not in any way responsible for your affiliate commissions.

ALL affiliate tracking is done by ClickBank and ONLY ClickBank pays affiliate commissions. If you have any questions about your affiliate links, affiliate commission tracking or anything else related to your activity as an affiliate, please contact ClickBank support directly, here:


P.S. Given the potential value of affiliate commissions from 1nSourcing Sales - over £1000 for general affiliates (30% commission) and nearly £2000 for 1nSourcers, Premier Affiliates & VMF Staff (50% commission) we suggest you offer an incentive for the referral to purchase through your link, directly (right then), rather than waiting till later, or using someone else's affiliate link, possibly for their incentive offer instead. 

We hope this helps & Thank You!





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