How can I become an affiliate for Virtual Miss Friday's online training courses?

Virtual Miss Friday has migrated 🥳  into a new website platform, called Podia, which provides us with a seamless sales process & affiliate system!

We're no longer using ClickBank for affiliates or sales, as our new system is infinitely easier to use and quite simply, user friendly. We can only have 1-Tier for affiliates, and we have this set at 30%. If you're still using ClickBank to promote our courses, please discontinue doing so.


If you'd like to become an affiliate for Virtual Miss Friday's online training courses, simply create your FREE ACCOUNT by freely accessing the "Getting Clients Guide" on the following link:

...then on your dashboard, click the circle in the upper right side of the screen, click on Affiliate in the dropdown menu, add your PayPal email in, and then you'll see all of your affiliate links right there. And as for tracking sales, if you click on Overview, you'll see any sales made.

Important note, it's not acceptable for anyone to purchase through their own affiliate link(s), essentially self-referrals aren't allowed, and also if we determine (at our own discretion and for whatever reason) that you're abusing or gaming the affiliate system in any way, you're account will be banned.

Obviously, the whole point of having an awesome affiliate / referral programme is for you to be incentivised for actively referring others who may benefit from our online training courses!


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