How can I meet ClickBank's requirements, so I can get them to pay me my affiliate commissions?

Meeting ClickBank's requirements for receiving affiliate commission (getting paid):

1. Fist thing to do, is to set your payment threshold, and finish setting up your payment information:

2. Be very careful about receiving affiliate commissions and not collecting, as this is what happens to your commissions when you let your account go "dormant":

3. And finally, meeting ClickBank's Customer Distribution Requirement:

* You need your account to have a minimum of (5) sales, with at least (2) different payment methods, as listed on the above link. So if you don't have any of your own products in ClickBank, and you're only an affiliate for products for other ClickBank vendors, then you'll need to have (5) affiliate sales, again, with (2) different payment methods.

The most straightforward way to complete this is to find some cheap ClickBank products to purchase in the ClickBank marketplace, and insert your ClickBank ID, as directed, into the affiliate link for each one, and buy it yourself. This way, you can complete this requirement very quickly, it'll cost about $50 USD and you'll get back about $20 USD, or so, in affiliate commission depending on which ones you choose.

It's important to note, you can find cheaper products in the ClickBank marketplace (under $10 each), but there are often issues with webpages for those, or error messages - essentially, it seems they're often too cheep for the owners / creators to care about maintaining them properly. Also, you could purchase $1 trials on some products, but you'd have to go through the cancellation process on each one, and may find yourself in a tedious series of support requests - I don't advise that.

** Remember to ensure you've had (2) different payment methods used, specifically using two of the options listed on the above link.

Here are a few (I'll add 7) examples of cheap ClickBank products that you could buy for this purpose, if you want - or just find and choose whatever you'd like here:

Just some quick options if you don't want to bother searching on the above link:


*** Insert your ClickBank ID in place of the XXX. AND, always double check that on the checkout page, at the bottom, it says something like this, in small print: [ affiliate = valive ] - in place of valive, it should say you're ClickBank ID.








** Now you should be all set to receive any affiliate commissions you're owed by ClickBank - you only have to complete these steps once, so after they're done, you'll receive any affiliate commissions due to you like clockwork, so to speak! 

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